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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lefties of the world - Celebrate!!

Lefties have been getting a hard time for centuries. Is there any co-incidence that words like the French 'gauche' or the Latin 'sinister both meaning left, or expressions like -to come out of left field, two left feet, left out, left-over, all have negative connotations?  

And, of course, if you, like me learned cursive writing under the beady stinkeye of a nun that was determined you would learn to write right (as in with your right hand!) - well, you know thet feelings that prevailed about being a leftie.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I found out that August 13th is International Left-Handed Day!!! That's correct.  An international holiday to celebrate the entire 10% of the world's population that is lefthanded!

Lefties of the world, remember when you turn the sciccors upside down, when you peel vegetables backwards,when you sit at a school desk with a right handed desk orientation,  try to learn to knit or crochet left handed, and do any chore or job geared towards the right handed - just remember this -

Righties may be right, but they don't have a holiday of their very own!!



  1. I am a leftie too and darn proud of it! Lots of very talented people are lefties! I attended Catholic school too and puked inside my religion book to get my point across that I am and always will be left handed! Great share thanks and have a good weekend! Come visit soon!

  2. I'm excited to learn there's an International Left-Handed Day!! My daughter is a leftie! I'm off to wish her a happy one now.

  3. I got a good little laugh after reading this post for the letter "L"!

    Lefties are definitely limited in a lot of aspects but being right-handed I must admit I am a little envious of your holiday!

    Lovely post...

    Thanks for linking.