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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kings and Kindred Spirits

This week's letter is K.

I thought I would share two of the artist trading cards I made several years ago that featured the letter k.

King of the World was inspired by a Leonardo DiCaprio's scene in Titanic.  Of course, the king in my work was a dachshund!  Dogs are a favorite theme of mine when making paper and collage art.

And the second, was inspired by a favorite expression used by Anne Shirley in the Anne of Avonlea book series.  Kindred spirits.  The very idea of kindred spirits has always fascinated me.  Do you have a kindred spirit?  Once or twice I thought I  did, but, alas, the spirit was willing, but the kindred was not able.  Having said that much, I can say my ATC card was inspired by the fact that if a dog loves you, he or she loves you unconditionally and always.  I have had the privilege of having some great dogs in my life.  My gorgeous Maggie Poodle, is a delight to me.  I find her to be the most wonderful dog.    So, when I made a kindred spirit card I featured a big standard white poodle. 


  1. Very creative work and post for K ~ thanks ~ enjoy ^_^

  2. You probably won't be surprised that I think my kindred spirits are animals.

  3. how sweet! I like the king of the world card, it's very cute.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  4. I love the king of the world. What a sweet card!

  5. I believe my kindred spirit to be a horse - dogs run a close second though....

  6. Those are both really kool cards...

    I think the kindred spirit one is my favorite but I always admire your keen ability with artwork...

    Sending a kiss your way for such a killer "K" post!

    Thanks for linking.