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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Q is for Question?

This week's letter, Q, led me on a very merry chase.  I thought about quizzes (finding out that I am most like Chandler Bing and/or Phoebe Buffet, characters in the FRIENDS, television franchise.  Or, I most closely match Elinor in Sense and Sensibility while doing quizzes here and there).  Then, I thought about quotes. Most of my favorite quotes are little blurbs of wit and wisdom uttered by the likes of Dorothy Parker or Oscar Wilde.  Toss in some May West witticisms and you pretty much get an idea of my thinking - for the most part.)  But, for whatever reason, quizzes and quotes did not do it for me.
Then I thought about q words.  Quagmire! Quintessential, quiddle, quibble, quark (of cheese and science fame)! Quests and quips. 
Queue, as in form a queue - doesn't that sound so much nicer than LINE UP!!! And, then of course, a favorite of mine, Quack.  The connotations of that simple word - the sound of a duck, the derisive name given to an unpleasant, inept medical man (or woman).
So, now, here I sit in a total quandry about which to choose. Which then lead me to ponder this question -

How do you go about picking your letter of the week subject?

A small postscript to this post -  writing this was quite a quest for me because my letter Q key appears to be on the fritz! It does this -  uiet,  uack,  uest- re uiring me to backup and pound on the   key until it does this -
Quiet  Quack Quest   reQuiring Q.    Really it was enough to make me  uack up!

Join us at AlphabeThursday, link to the right, for some fun and a chance to chat with people from all over the world.


  1. Wonderful and delightful post for Q ~ very creative ^_^

  2. Brilliant Q post! Quite funny! :-)
    It is hard to decide on a subject for each letter isn't it? I write down a bunch of choices and then go with whichever one feels right and inspires me at the time.
    I enjoyed all your q words today. :-)

  3. I usually have quite a few drafts going, typically one of them works!

  4. I love the letter q so quirky and quiet good post

  5. It's fun to come up with something a little different for the alphabet letters. You did a creatively superb job in this blog post. Love it!

  6. Nothing appealed to me in a dictionary browse until I came to the word 'qualification'. It's the only q thing I had a photo for! Nice to meet you through Alphabe-Thursday.

  7. You have such funny post here, B&B. Do what I am doing, saving up all the "Q" words you don't use for use in the later "Q" posts.

    My " uack" started with a "Q" but I didn't use it either but rather am saving it for next or next next time.

  8. Don't tell, but lots of times I already have something specific I want to write about that day so I make Alphabe-Thursday work by coming up with a word that is at least loosely related and go to town!


  9. What a fun question.

    I usually try to think of quotes that I'd like to share.

    Or at least that's what I've done for the past two rounds.

    Before that I made myself write about subjects I DIDN'T want to write about. I figured it would be good discipline!

    Thanks for quite an interesting subject!