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Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Like many other kids, when I was little, I  did love to listen to what the grown ups were talking about.  Being a kid I did not always understand what was being said, so, I kind of filled in the blanks and more often than not had no clue why everyone was talking about some dumb boring thing.

One of the things I remember and laugh at now is overhearing a conversation my stepfather was having about a book.  Now, before going further, I have to explain, he worked for Doubleday on 5th Avenue in NY, and our house was filled with book caseses that were filled with books.  If you know anything about apartment hallways in NY, you know that that are very long and narrow.  Suffice it to say, bookcases lined the hallways, but did allow us some manuvering room to walk about the apartment.  So, here was this bookfilled house with books about anything and everything, anyone and everyone, and here he was just going on and on about this book.  So, I am listening avidly, because who knows?  Maybe this is going to be another jackpot of a book - something that will give me access to the world of adults.  So, I listen, and listen, what's the book? What?

He's talking and talking and then he says that The Ruby Yacht of O. Mark Iam  is a masterpiece of prose. And, going on and on about the translations from Persian to English, etc.  The Ruby Yacht is just a treasure.

I am standing there in the long hallway listening and what is he talking about??  A stupid kid named O. Mark who has a red boat?  Ugh. Waste of time, and I ran down the stairs and out the door to play in the street with my friends.

One day, several years later, when I had a better handle on getting info about books, imagine my surprise when I found out that what I had imagined -

was in fact, TheRubyiat of Omar Kayam.  

And, to paraphrase a verse from that epic -

                                              The typing hand, having typedt moves on..........

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  1. Remembering is a great word. I'm remembering my Dad as I look at his photo on the wall.

  2. Your post was wonderful! I really liked remembering here with you. Thanks for the share and have a terrific week!

  3. Isn't it funny what children hear.

  4. Remembering can be painful but revitalising thank you

  5. Oh i love this post! It is so fun and telling ~ great photos too. Enjoy ^_^

  6. Oh yeah, nothing I like more than a book of Persian prose.

  7. I love the word you chose for this week. I love the description of your book-filled apartment!

  8. Nice post ! Yes, sometimes when things happen you only understand years later, lol !

  9. What a great way to grow up, surrounded by books!

  10. Fun post! My grandmother used to talk in German if she did not want me to understand ha ha

    Surrounded by books...I agree with Rocky Mountain Woman..a wonderful way to grow up :)

    I too had many books in my childhood but not on that level! Still...book loving was instilled in me early on :)

  11. hi all!
    thanks for the replies. yes, it was a great way to grow up. bookstores and libraries were and still are favorite places to go. and, i have books all over the house now too. having access to all of those books as a child was a dream come true.
    Along These Lines - I think my stepfather was really quite pleased with the edition he was discussing because of the magnificent illustrations and background info about the original work. It is always interesting to see what a new illustrator or editor brings to a new publication of an old work.

  12. With your father working for DoubleDay, I bet you DID have lots of books!

  13. Oh wow. It would have been amazing to have access to all those books!

    I rarely watched TV as a child (and don't watch much now). I don't know if I would have ever moved away from those bookshelves!

    This was really a neat, neat post!

    I can see the whole thing in my mind!

    What fun!

    Thanks for taking us down this little memory lane! It was fantastic!