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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

P is for Power

At 3:55pm today a  big tree was blown down by the high winds during the spate of horrible rain we have been been enduring the past few days.  A very big tree.  Right on top of a transformer that supplies power for my neighborhood as well as several others. By 3:57pm there was not even a smidge of electricity lurking in the cables, wires, whatevers that carry the juice to the plugs that get our daily activities going.

No cable, no internet, no television, no phone, no radio, no appliances (just at the time of day I start to cook dinner!), no lights. No nothing.

So, there I was sitting in the dark, with a 55 pound poodle that was having a nervous breakdown, a kid who is deaf and does not particularly enjoy being in the pitch dark and a mother who decided to point out the obvious - it is dark and cold and I would not be able to use the stove.

I scrounged up the emergency supplies, distributed them to the dog, the kid and the mother. Everyone had their flashlights so things calmed a bit.  By this time, my husband checked in from his office, and I advised him that there were no traffic lights for miles and miles and he should rethink coming home early.  So, he stayed at his desk and slogged on with the onerous tax work that he faces this time of year.

And, I?  I slogged on here with the dog, the kid and the mother, who had all lost interest in their flashlights and were now once again letting me know they were not amused by this lack of electricity.

So, now, it is 5 hours later. The dog and the mother went to bed early. The kid is happily tapping away on her iphone.  My husband arrived home safely (thankfully) and I have just sat down to write my letter P post for Alphabe-Thursday.

And, on that note, I would like to say - to the men who mastered electricity and contributed so much to our lives - you should be cannonized as  a saints.  Surely, anyone who can bring a dog, a kid and old lady and a long traveling husband safely through the darkenss unscathed (by me in the case of the first 3, by the horrid drivers of the area for the last of the group) is in fact a miracle worker!!! 

P  is for POWER!

This post was brought to you by the letter P - as in P is for Power!!!
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  1. Whao.. no power is really a life stopper.. I'm also glad that there is electricity as we are heavily dependent on it in this age.
    Dominique@ Dominique's Desk

  2. It's actually scary to think about how reliant our world is on electricity and modern technology. We really would be in deep trouble if it all died on us! :-0
    Hope everything is back to normal for you now.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I feel that way about the central heating inventors! Glad that everyone is powered up (can you imagine if the cell phone had needed recharging?!).

  4. We loss power a lot up here. It is amazing how debilitating it is...

  5. So glad everyone is safe. It's scary how we are lost without our electricity.

  6. I know what you mean...we take it for granted till it goes out!

  7. Hmmm...wonder where my comments are going.

    First of all, the 55 pound poodle part of this post was particularly cute!

    I always wonder if those of us that crave the 'simpler times' would actually like them when we didn't have the power of power!

    Thanks for linking.