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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

J is for Jar, of the Mason variety

Everyone knows them by sight, the shapes, the sizes vary but they all have the same tops! Mason jars. Right now, Mason jars are very popular items to be used in the garden, home, backyard, country, lowkey wedding plans that many young couples are opting for. (Smart young people, saving their big money for houses, or maybe horses?) Which brings me to jars, and the jillions of uses for them at the jubilee jubulation of the bridal couple! And, for the job that I have taken on with regard to the upcoming wedding of a friend's daughter. (Her big money goes to the care and feeding of horses!) My job is to turn plain Mason jars into drinking containers for the guests. So, here is the question - which do you prefer - Chalkboard nameplate
or what about jars with tops in apple green and green and white striped straws -
cute little tag with bride and groom names and wedding date? (guest name can be written on the back)
or raffia tied tag for guests name written in the bridal party color (apple green!)
And, now, for question 2 - does anyone have any ideas about how the blackboard paint or blackboard contact paper working - I am wondering about the jars sweating from the cold drink in the hot weather, will the paint come off? will the contanct paper come off? Boy! I sure hope I get some feedback about this because this is my first time doing anything like this! This J post was brought to you by Alphabe-Thursday. You can find out interesting things, get some writing time in or in a case like this, get an opportunity to throw yourself on the mercy of the group and get advice!


  1. Your question made me wonder.

    I found this and wondered if it might help the paint adhere better.


    I think it might be fun to paint the tops of the jars in chalkboard paint so the guest can put their names on. I like the colored lids really well!

    What colors are you using? I got these super cute red and white paper straws on clearance. There's 144 in each box...


    I got them for fifty cents a box! But I don't know why I bought them.

    If you can use them for the wedding, I'd be glad to send them to you!

    All this jabbering when I really came to visit your letter 'I'.


    As you can see, your J post had me jumping in excitement.

    Thanks for linking.


  2. Me again!

    If you want the straws, e-mail me, okay? And can you put PLEASE READ in the subject line. I am pretty behind on e-mails and I don't want to miss it.

    Let me give you my biz e-mail address. It gets a lot fewer e-mails as well. jenny at prescott hyphen clearwater dot com

  3. Those are all great ideas! I think I like that heart-shaped chalkboard for the name best. I hope someone can answer your question because I have no idea. I can hardly wait to see the results!

  4. I'm a sucker for raffia. Love those!

  5. So is this where the term Mason-Dixon line came from?

  6. I love this jar idea for a wedding!! My favourite is the chalkboard - very unique.

    Thanks for stopping by my J post - I adored all the things you listed that bring you joy! Beautiful!

  7. Great post for 'J' and very creative use of canning jars ~ beautiful!

    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  8. I was wondering the same about the chalkboard paint/sweating jars. I don't think the paint would come off, but wet hands could smudge the chalk writing. I think I like the painted lids best.

    Love your Jar post. I've been wanting to buy some jars so I can learn to can!

  9. They are all cute but I think I like the heart-shaped chalkboard ones best. But now I wonder about Monica's comment that the chalk writing might smudge. Maybe you could paint the names on with white paint instead of chalk. And something cute on the backside with the bride and groom's names and date....
    Whatever you decide, I'm sure they will be loved!

  10. Very nicely decorated jars you did, B&B. I could have 'loaned' you some of mine with handles. I have 24 plus two for breaking saved from fruit jam and then I stopped collecting. That was all before we got married, Mrs. Jim has me keep thos Jam Jars out in the garage.

  11. Yes, many uses! My daughter uses them as drinking glasses:):)

  12. the perfect J post! they certainly are versatile, aren't they!!

  13. sorry it has taken so long to reply -
    thanks for the kind and generous offer of the straw supply. the bride has already gotten green and white straws, but appreciates your thoughtfullness.

    i think i am going to try to make the heart shaped chalk label and put some raffia around the tops of each jar. i found raffia in the exact color of her wedding color so i think it will look nice.

    before i do the chalkboard lables or paint, i am going to do some test runs with the jars 'sweating'. just to make sure the labels dont fall off or the paint doesn't rub off!

    will post a photo when everything is done.

    thanks everyone for the suggestions and feedback!