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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I is for Inchies!

This week's Alphabe-thursday letter is I. I thought about Ina gadda da vida and Iron Butterfly. I thought about Isadora Duncan, I thought about Icon, Impressionism, but, none of them clicked in the head this week. Then I rememebered 'inchies'. And, that was it. Inchies are exactly that - 1 inch square (or 1 in diameter circle) pieces of art. Any medium can be used to make the inchie. I, the paper fiend that I am, made mine using papers, photos, etc. The first time I made them it was quite a challenge. I had been making ATC cards and postcard art for a long time, but nothing this tiny. Well, I found out that it was quite fun to figure out how to shrink an idea to a 1 inch size. Usually in a swap there is a theme to follow. Inchies can be simple,intricate, really anything your imagination can come up with. Theses are inchies by two artists that are very popular and talented, each has created so many wonderful pieces of art but I picked these because I thought it showed how diverse the inchies can be PhizzyChicks -
InkyJanesblogspot -
This is one made from fabric, beading and stitching - featured on the EveryInchieMonday blog -
And these are some of mine - one set was a vintage number theme, and the other had to be round and have a hat of some kind -
If anyone out there ever gets an urge to try their hand at inchies I would be very happy to join you in swapping some! We could do an ABC theme in honor of Alphabe-Thurday! And, anyone who is not artistically inclined but does enjoy writing and chatting/meeting new people, consider joining us at Jen Matlock's Alphae-Thurday group. Join the fun! Click on the link to the right!


  1. a wonderful and creative idea! yours are delightful. i would try my hand at this as long as i could find an enormous pair of bifocals.

  2. What a wonderful "I" post! I have never heard of inchies before.

  3. ooo...inchies!
    What cool ones!
    I've been wanting to make ATC cards, but alas like many things I would like to do, I have not yet done so.
    I like the stamps on yours. I've been collecting stamps and this would be a good use for them.

  4. This is so lovely and food for thought _/\_ x

  5. I B&B ~~ I like your "I" word. That word was not in my vocabulary but it is now. Thank you.

    I Googled it and found that quilters also quilt inchies for their quilting or patches. But my art has not progressed beyond the stick man bit. That leaves me out.

  6. How interesting...these are lovely and I'd never heard of them prior to this post!

  7. Intriguing ♫♪ Here's my I effort:http://lmkazmierczak.blogspot.com/2013/01/ironic-post.html

  8. WOW! They look awesome - what a great idea :)

  9. I've never heard of inchies but they're incredibly cute!

    What a fun link for the letter 'I'.