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Friday, October 28, 2011

Frightday's freebie

Okay, okay, so it isn't quite Halloween yet. So, no treat for me! But, you get your Friday treat!

These two are just adorable. Their litte clothes are precious. Those hats, those little smiles. They are just perfect! I cannot imagine why someone would go to the trouble of taking this great shot of the children and never even bother to identify them. Nothing written on the back. Well, we get to creat our own little life stories for them. I would love to hear any ideas that come to mind. The little boy looks sweet and a little bashful. The girlie though? She looks like a little bundle of mischief. Looks to me like she stopped to have her photo taken, but the minute the camera clicked she was off like a flash!

Hope you get a little giggle of enjoyment from this weeks freebie. I did.


  1. omg - that photo IS adorable!!! love it.

  2. What cuties!! Thanks for sharing this adorable photo! :)