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Saturday, November 5, 2011


November has arrived with a chill in the air. Last week, I was walking around in flipflops. Now, I am looking for cushy warm socks. But, I am not complaining. Autumn is my favorite time of year.

Thanksgiving brings a time for us to reflect on people and things that we have reason to be thankful for. One of the blessings and joys of my life comes with each November. The birth of my first child. I remember the Sunday morning he was born like it was just yesterday. In my memories is an image of my sweet husband sitting in a chair in the recovery room holding his precious little son. The look on his face is something I will carry in my heart forever.

Tomorrow the child, who is no longer a boy, but now a 6ft 1in man will be home for a family dinner. Though a child no more, he will always be my baby. Happy Birthday sweetheart. You remain one of the most precious gifts of my life.

This weeks freebie is a photo of someone else's little sweetheart. Cute little guy, who looks like he may have given himself a nifty little hair cut for his portrait. I adore that little suit he has on. There are no identifying marks on the reverse of the photo to give a clue as to age, etc. He is a little darling thing though.

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