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Friday, September 25, 2009

Little Boy!

So many vintage photos of children feature kiddies dressed in immaculate white clothes. Can you imagine the ironing that went into some of those clothes? How did the clothes stay so clean? And, most mysterious of all....how did they get the kids to stand still for the multiple minutes it took for a photograph to 'set'?
I can just imagine the kids tearing out of the studio and jumping around like wiggle worms - needing to shake the sillies out of themselves. (Sillies seem to multiply in direct correlation with the length of time a child is required to stand still and/or be quiet.)
Anyway, this little boy is so sweet looking. He is not wrinkled or messy so he must either have been very good at standing still or else he had a mother standing next to the photographer with 'the look' on her face - everyone who is a mother or had a mother knows about 'the look'. Hah! Some old photos of women from those days seem to have captured the mothers with 'the look' on their faces!
Hope you can use this little guy to make something lovely. There are no identifying marks on the photo or names. As always please use freely and share freely, as others have shared with me over the years.

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