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Monday, September 21, 2009

Mouse-click Travelers. . . .

When I was a little girl my grandparents watched nature and travel shows featuring foreign lands, the people and customs, the beautiful sites and animals and other creatures we had never dreamed of. I remember thinking to myself "Why are we watching this? Don't they realize that Rawhide is on?" (I had a mad mad crush on Clint Eastwood at a very very early age.) We were seeing the world, seeing sites and things that we never imagined existed until it appeared on the screen of the old black and white tv! We were 'armchair travelers'. I learned about a whole huge world out there past the borders of Louisiana and the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. Wow!

Now, I indulge in a new mode of travel, Mouse-clicking my way around the internet to visit the blogs and websites, shops and Twitters of the talented artists that live all over the world. I can visit sites where artists share their ideas about creating art, or their technicques, where I can learn, by example, what works and what doesn't work. I can 'window shop' in a whole new way. And, I can even find art that is affordable for most people. I am lucky enough to have some wonderful pieces of work from artists whom I admire very much. Mouse-click travel has given me the opportunity to meet people who I would never have gotten to know, from far away places (that I can actually remember seeing during the armchair travel days!) and as close as in my own city and state. This is one that I have visited in the past few days, enjoying the words and works of the artist. I am just crazy for papercutting and this site is just lovely - stop by and look at the beautiful work!


I will mouse-click more Blogspot sites soon.


  1. your little post made me giggle when i read the part about rawhide. you're funny! it is pretty amazing what technology can bring to us, isn't it? we're so blessed. and you are one of my blessings!

  2. I had a smile of reminiscence too. The first time I saw David Attenborough on the telly, he was knee deep in bat poo in a cave in Borneo. Many, many, many moons ago. Happy memories. I'm an armchair archaeologist these days.