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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby, it's cold outside!

I think that everyone in the country must be saying this right about now.  Here in VA it is not as cold as other places. Poor NY, IL, NE  and out west - the cold there must be bone chilling, mind numbing.

I saw a sound bit on the news this AM about how your body loses heat so quickly in those temps (you know, the ones that are in the MINUS digits (windchill or no windchill).  Cautions to make sure hands and feet and head, nose and ears are well protected because frostbite happens quickly.  Good advice most definitely, and well worth repeating.

So, in the next sound bite - a bit of a discussion about children waiting at the bus stops.  Waiting? Bus stops? Waiting in the frigid temps? Ummm....I am kind of thinking those little stick like fingers and nubbin toes that children have - no matter how well bundled we may think they are - must really get cold fast.  Waiting at the bus stop? Ummmm...no. I don't think so.  My kids are older now, so bus stops and waiting for the bus are no longer part of our morning routines.  BUT! If I did have a kiddie - they would have been dancing the dance of JOY this AM because this mommy would have announced a FROSTBITE DAY!  No school!

So many cities are announcing the steps being taken to aid the homeless in their communities.  Hopefully, many will find shelter from these blasts of record setting cold.

And, please, if you have outdoor pets, dogs and cats, make sure they have access to a snug shelter.  It doesn't matter if they are 'used' to the cold.  No ONE or THING is used to a 'winter vortex'.  My Maggie-Poodle went out to commune with the new neighbor dog, Millie, at the fence line.  She came in quickly though. Her feet were so cold, she let me rub them with a towel and then 'allowed' me to cover her with a blanket and she promptly went to sleep.   I heard Millie barking for her a while ago, and Maggie barely budged from beneath her blanket.  Canine-canoodling and doggie dialogue will wait for another day.

On a final note, may I say thank you to everyone who was up with the horses, goats, pigs, and other farm and barn creatures today.  Barns and stables can be especially chilly on a normal winter morning.  This morning it must have been like visitng the north or south pole.    So, when you got up anyway, and pulled on extra socks and thermals and headed out to feed and water, to muck stalls and just general daily chores that animals depend on us for - I hope you know that the sound of your footsteps and the sight of you gave the horses and all comfort.  They may not understand the terrible cold, but they know that their people are still on the job and caring for them.  And, they felt safe.  Thanks to you from all of them (and me!)

Finally, take care of yourself too.  Make sure that you check your fingers and toes, your ears and nose!  Chapstick those lips and take off wet boots and change socks if you need too.  Drink some hot tea, or coffee or cocoa.  Take care of you!

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