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Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year wishes!

I don't keep resolutions, so I never even bother to make a list of them. Instead, I will make a list of wishes for my family, friends and everyone who visits my blog -

1. Much happiness and health (they go hand in hand)
2. Success in all your new endeavors and plans.
3. Time, to laugh, to rest, to plan, to daydream, to be.
4. Inspiration.
5. Satisfaction and contentment , gratitude with your life.
6. Courage and tenacity to keep going, no matter what.
 and, finally,
7. That we will all one day know what a life of peace and goodwill feels like, and know that our children will too.

Happy New Year's Eve! Have wonderful celebrations. Be careful and drive safely.  And, please, have a designated driver!

See you - Next year!!!!

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