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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

F is for Frida

F is for Frida, Frida Kahlo, probably the most famous Mexican artist. After reading a biography about Frida I learned that many of her works are autobiographical. She is quoted as saying "I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality".

In 1922 while attending university to study medical illustration, Frida was injured in a tragic near fatal accident. She would endure many many surgeries over the course of her lifetime to address the impact of the injuries she received. Confined to a bed for several years, some parts of it flat on her back and unable to move, painting became a lifeline for her. She said "Painting completed my life". At a time when she must have questioned what her future would be like it is wonderful to know that she found comfort and purpose in her painting.

Many of the paintings are painful to look at, they depict a great deal of pain,anguish, hurt, loss, isolation and grief. She was able to express the deep feelings she experienced through her painting. (I am not posting some of those images, because I don't know if some of us let the kids see the ABC blogs.) You can access them by googling Frida Kahlo, there are many great sites featuring her work.

Her style is classified as modern art, and surrealistic art.

Frida lived life on her own terms. Though she only lived to be 47, she lived a whole lot of life in those few short years. Married to Diego Rivera, a reknowned artist/muralist, theirs was a very tumultuous relationship, dotted with many affairs by both of them.

I have noticed that Frida is a very popular subject for a lot of the art work seen on Etsy, and other sites. I like to think she would be amused by this. And, a bit pleased. Other women interpreting the idea of 'Frida Kahlo' is a bit of a homage to this painter who was the first Mexican artist to have a painting hang in the Lourve, and the first Mexican artist to have their work fetch 1 million dollars at auction.

This is my favorite self portrait by Frida -

And, here are two lovely photographs of Frida at her easel working on two self portraits

 And, this is one of my favorite artist's interpretation of Frida. DanitaArt has many lovely images of Frida, I happen to be fond of this one with the moon. You can check out Danita's work on Etsy.

I may not be able to produce beautiful artwork, but I can certainly enjoy the work of others. Hope you enjoyed this little visit to another artist that I like, actually two.

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  1. I am not familiar with her work, but the selections you've shared with us are lovely.

  2. This is a fascinating post about Frida!

  3. Very interesting about Frida.

  4. Oh what a lovely post (and blog) I adore Frida and would like to write about her sometime ... wonderful !!

  5. I find her work fascinating. Did you see the film about her life? I highly recommend it.

  6. Frida was one fascinating woman ~ wonderful post for F ~ ^_^

    (A Creative Harbor ~ aka ArtmuseDog and Carol ^_^)

  7. such an interesting F post and oh my goodness was she ever beautiful!!

  8. I especially liked your comment that
    "I may not be able to produce beautiful artwork, but I can certainly enjoy the work of others."

  9. I think Frida would supply a writer or an artist with a wealth of interesting events, ideas and experiences with which to explore their medium.
    I am so happy that you all have found the post interesting. There are so many wonderful artists whose work we are all now able to enjoy, explore via our internet connections and sharing. Thanks all for your kind words.

  10. She certainly led a very interesting life.

  11. Blogger is being very weird at the moment. I'm going to try this comment again.

    My husband used to live in Mexico City and we oftened went to galleries and explored various artists in the city. We never bought any works, which is probably a great shame.

    I believe we went to a showing of this artist. I like her intense style.

  12. Arrrgh. I'm just going to try and finish my comment in this sixth attempt.

    Patience is a virtue. Patience is a virtue.

    She seemed to live such an intense life...I wonder if the art inspired the life or vice versa?

    Thanks for a fascinating link for the letter F.