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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

P is for Poodle

P is for Poodle.  Oodles of  Poodle P's!

Paper Poodle (Amy Williams)

Protective Poodle

Pink Poodle - yes

Perplexed Poodle

Pink Poodle - no!

Pile of Poodle Puppies

Poodle Parade
 (Florida Poodle Rescue)

Poodle Protection Posting

Parti Poodle

Phantom Poodle

Pair of Pooped Poodles

Poodle Photo-op

P is for Poodle. Poodle starts with P.
P is for Perfect Poodle.

Perfect, because she belongs to me!



  1. I have always wanted a standard Poodle, but my husband prefers smaller dogs because our dogs sleep with us. A friend in Tucson has a standard named Libby. She is sooooo smart, and very loving. Excellent "P" choice!

  2. How sweet! Glad your Maggie isn't pink! :)

    ~visiting from Mrs. Jenny's!

  3. Your protective Poodle looks like a good body guard! Lots of nice "P" pictures!

  4. I find poodles quite strange looking especially those with puffy hair but they're also kind of cute in their own way.

    great P post. have a sweet day.

  5. Maggie sleeps on my bed. She has her own pillow and blanket though, because she steals ours!

    Maggie is our daughter's companion dog. She is very protective of the girlie, who is deaf. Maggie understands some signs.

    She is just the most wonderful dog.

  6. Your poodle is beautiful, but I think I really like that pink one too. :-)

  7. Oh I love this! You will laugh when you see mine. Great minds kind of think alike, but mine aren't poodles. These by the way, especially the puppies are just all darling!

  8. definitely oodles of poodles...the pile of poodle pups was so cute...and the pink one....well, what can I say! :)

  9. Maggie is cute. She looks very intelligent, is she? We have a white-with-blonde-patches toy poodle named Katin (she's French).

    My "P" Words are at http://jimmiehov.blogspot.com/2012/09/my-alphabe-thursday-p-things-in-row-two.html

  10. I love dogs and all animals.
    Have had them in our family
    for as long as I can remember
    but the poodle, the perfect
    hair cut has always made me
    cringe. I'd love to let the
    hair grow to see how they would
    look... Love this post!

  11. Great pics -- but poor pink poodle! She must feel silly...

  12. Precious poodle pooches. Very pretty collection!

  13. HA HA HA this is such a funny post! Thanks for the chuckles! :)

  14. My favorite is the perplexed poodle! Didn't know they were so protective:)

  15. Maggie looks like my friends' poodle Casper.
    a pink poodle!
    The line of poodles is great! How would someone ever get them to line up so perfectly?!

  16. I've been on the wrong end of a poodle a time or two.

    That protective picture made me want to climb up on my desk!

    I love your pink poodle picture! That is practically perfect in every way!

    Thanks for a perky link for the letter 'P'.