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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Travels of an awol mouse . . .

I have not had time lately to feature a blog that my mouse has visited. I go zooming around, but then don't get to the linking stage.

For example - I happened upon http://thecoincidentaldandy.blogspot.com
and got lost there for quite a long time.

I am gaga for art deco anything. Without doubt, my favorite skyscraper in the universe is The Chrysler Building in New York. Gorgeous, wonderful. Music - the Gershwin, Cole Porter music. Old black and white movies from the 30's 40's 50's. Vintage clothes, with the 20's being my absolute favorite - the glamour and glitz of Erte's illustrations. Oh be still my heart.
Well, then what else do I find there - Vargas pinup girls. Probably, in my opinion, the most beautiful pin up girls ever made.

So much more is there, if you like art deco, vintage clothes, old music, old buildings, well, you get the point. Go, visit the Coincidental Dandy. You'll have fun.

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