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Friday, September 16, 2011

oops! I almost forgot!

I overslept this morning. At 745am I jumped out of bed and within 15 minutes was out the door with my kiddie, off to her riding lesson!
Oh those horses. They were all so happy this AM. Yesterday the temp was 92. This AM it was 61. The horses (and me!) approve! Enough summer already. Oh, and please take your stinky mosquitos with you!
Came home and started doing stuff and suddenly realized, if this is Friday...then where was the photo!!
Here is the photo! I forgot where this one came from. I think in a lot batch I purchased. All starched and pretty, the children sit/stand on a rug. (After I washed, starched and ironed those clothes, my kids would be wrapped in bubble wrap - oh, wait, they didn't have bubble wrap then!) Anyway, here is today's sweet little photo. Have a great weekend!


  1. Vintage photo's are so very precious..and the clothing they wore back then were fabulous.
    Do you collect vintage photo's on a regular basis...and/or vintage clothing ?
    Sweet image.


  2. that is a wonderful photo verna. hope you are doing well!