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Friday, May 20, 2011

This photo came from a 'lot purchase' of 50 assorted photos - I was especially pleased with this one.

Check out the shoes on the two ladies on either side of the bench. The younger one has her shoes tied to the back, while the woman opts for the ankle tie.Posh vs. Practicality? Note the positioning of their legs also - daughter and mother,maybe? the younger one has a rose in one hand, and I think the clippers used to cut it in the other. Also, she had a lovely cross (I think it is a crucifix) on her neck. The young girl in the middle - something is saying RED HAIR to me.( I adore, love and covet red hair!!!) She appears to be 'surrounded by the two other ladies on the bench. But, to me there is a little look of 'Just wait, my time's coming..." in her smile. The gentle lady in the back seems to be a bit removed from the group - I am thinking,cousin or aunt that lives with them. Someone who is part of the family, but just a bit removed. And Boy? Well, he is just one smartly dressed little guy. Check out that little cap on his head! And his little suit as an anchor and his socks little sailboats. Something tells me this little guy is the darling of this family. The one boy amongst a gaggle of women!

The little black iron fence, the stairs, also iron, and the shadow of the trees on the house all add to the overall look of the picture.

So, why am I writing all of this? Because there is not even one little scribble on the back of this great photo to give me a clue! Therefore, I had to make up my own little history for the group.

Hope you like the photo! It is something a little different from my usual studio portrait type offerings


  1. Verna, My daddy used to always get excited about songs "that tell a story" and not just repeat the same verse. You are like me and my daddy --- you can look at that photo and tell a whole story, probably build a novel around it:)
    I covet red hair, too. I'm 50 percent Irish and feel it should have been my birthright, but alas, I was cheated!

  2. I absolutely love this photo!! So many great details and wonderful stories that can be imagined!!