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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh Brother!!

I got these two photos recently, two cute little guys with their hats and walking sticks. I thought they would make a nice little 'set' of photos for a project. The theme of brothers can bring on lots of ideas. Big brother, little bother - er- I mean, little brother! So, I got them, scanned them and sat down here to post them. And, suddenly, I realized - these two may not be brothers after all. I think it may be the same little guy, at two different times. Both were taken at Plummer's, Instantaneous Process of Children a Successful Specialty, Wheeling, West Virginia. but the ad print is different on each of them. It seems like Mr. Plummer got fancier adverts as he became more successful at his specialty! Brothers, or same boy, either way, I think they are sweet little photos. Hope you enjoy them.

Remember all of those who served our country over the years, those that have passed on and those young men and women who are now veterans and active duty this Memorial Day weekend. Have a happy extended weekend off and be SAFE!

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