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Friday, March 11, 2011

Mamie pretty much sums it up . . .

Such a beautiful little face, but such a sad little face too.

This is Mamie Rowland, age 3 - no other info on photo. Mamie is a beautiful little girl. Her little clothes and hair, so sweet. But, wow, such a sad little face. I wonder what was going on in her head at the moment this photo was taken?

I know what has been going on in my head lately. A major creative funk has been looming there. Aside from some small projects I have not been snipping paper, gluing stuff, stamping, embossing, embellishing or any other fun things. The 'Why?' of it has been nagging at me, and stubbornly refusing to reveal itself.

While getting Mamie ready for posting and searching for a photo of my daughter on a favorite horse, many of the collages, ATCs, postcards, etc. that I have made over the years happened to pass across the monitor. And, suddenly I realized I was smiling and laughing a little bit because I remember making every one of these, and I also know that I liked them then and still do, and am proud that my name is attached to the work. Somewhere along the way I lost site of following my own heart when working on my art. I had fallen into the habit of trying to fit my work to the ideas or themes or fad of the moment. That is when my work came to a grinding halt.

So, armed with this new insight, I have finally started to work again. Work on my terms, with the sole intention of pleasing my mind's eye.

And, while I am on a major tear here, I would like to add - I have enjoyed posting in this blog over the past few years and value the friendships that I have made - Andrea, Trish, you two have been a huge support to me in my endeavors. And, Roc, you continue to inspire me to keep working and creating. Thanks go to everyone who has taken the time to add to my followers listing or stop and leave a comment.

BUT - (such a small word, with so much power) -to those who each week when stopping by to download the freebie image if you have not bothered to do more than snatch and run maybe you should stop and think about leaving a comment, posting an image of what you have used some of the photos for in your work, or just plain old say hello.

WHY? That's easy, plain and simple -

Because nice matters.


  1. She is just marvelous!! Once again, another great pic!! I can't thank you enough for sharing!!

  2. Verna, this is my first time in --- I don't know how long -- to catch up on some blog reading. While enjoyed about you handling the technical difficulties of the 'sugar' meter thingamajig, this post I definitely had to comment on. It's very rare that I check my stats on the number of downloads because it is so discouraging to see how many people will help themselves to a free download and not take time to even say "kiss my derierre" pardon my French, but ... you know what I mean?! I fear sometimes that we are creating a society of unappreciative people who EXPECT all these freebies and have no idea of the value, time, money, etc. that one puts into the finished "free" product. Thank you for listening to my rant. On another note, you are not the only artist I've heard lamenting about being in the doldrums. I'm glad you discovered why and are ready to get back to being you:)