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Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday's freebies - Davota's return!

A while back, I posted a photo of an adorable little girl sitting on a donkey. The girl's name was Davota. A old photo album filled with pics of Davota's family yielded quite a few pics of a little girl who grew to be a long tall woman with impeccable taste in clothes. The bulk of the photos are taken in 1930. Davota, is a new bride, very much in love with her husband, Ernest. From the backgrounds of the photos they were obviously in the Washington DC area and then in the Virginia Beach area. Ernest was scheduled to ship out to sea. I have several photos of 2 young men, both in officer's uniforms. I am still trying to take the black photo album paper off the back to find out which one is Ernest. In the meantime, I have also gotten a lead on Davota's family tree and am trying to contact them so that I can send all of these great photos off to her family. Davota appears in these two photos dated 1930 Easter. Check out the car in the background. And the clothes, well, what can I say? I am a fool for the clothes from that era.

The back of one photo has an inscription - To my darling and divine husband Ernest from your loving wife, Davota. If I find out more of what happened to Davota and Ernest I will keep you posted. (Jeeezzz!!! I am in heaven. My favorite clothes and a lead on who is who in the photo. Nosey work to do!)


  1. Verna, I think it is just marvelous that you have done this research and may have found some of the family to give these wonderful pics back to!! Kuddos for you!!! By the way, I just LOVE your St. Patrick's Day Angel!!!!

  2. What lovely photographs of Davota!

    I keep thinking of trying to set up a site where I can list old phtogrpahs of people and try and reunite them with their families.

    I have a wall full of old portraits - and even though I'd hate to part with any of them, but how beautiful it would be for people to be reunited with their long lost relatives. It's every family historians dream!