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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Luncheon with the Bird and Birdbaby . . .

Got to spend a lovely lunch time with my niece godchild this week to celebrate her birthday. Along with her gift I made her a little tag from an image of herself at her third birthday long ago. And, best of all, my nephew godchild (her little boy) joined us for the fun. I love making tags and am always pleased when one turns out well.


  1. What A Sweetie!Glad you stopped by my blog,life has taken us on some unusual and scary journey's this year,my husband has had some health issues and still has one more hip surgey coming up,so my blog got put on the backburner for awhile.We are becoming great Grandparent in Feb. so am looking forward to a new Baby to spoil!lol!How are you doing?