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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Day! Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday BBB!

Today is a special day. Mother's Day and the 1st birthday/anniversary of Bird Bee and Bloom!

Starting this blog a year ago was a little bit scary because I had no idea what I was doing - and many times, still don't! - but, I have been able to struggle through and keep it going. I have also had a chance to meet some lovely people and hope to continue that in future.

I would like to sponsor a celebration give-away for Bird Bee and Bloom. At the end of May I am going to be attending Art and Soul in Hampton VA. This year I will be taking a class with Carla Sonheim and also attend Vendor Night - which is where I intend to get the 'loot' for the give-away. The items available that night are just the best, newest and top of the line. As of today, if you stop by and leave a comment, you name will go into the drawing for the BBB BBB (Bird Bee and Bloom Birthday Bash Bag). I will check with other bloggers about the random name/number picker and post it here.

So, when you stop by to pick up a copy of the Friday freebies please take a moment to drop a line to let me know you have visited!


  1. Thank you Verna for the opportunity for your giveaway, and for all your friday freebies! Congrat's on your blog anniversary!
    I as soooo glad we got to meet thru blogland!

  2. Hi Verna!
    Your blog is always so beautiful to look at! It's a piece of art in itself!
    What day is your class at Art and Soul? I'll be there Saturday night and have classes Sunday and Monday. I hope I get to see you while we're there!

  3. What a fun idea to celebrate a year of blogging...I am so glad I found your wonderful art!
    Happy anniversary and have fun at your classes...a new fan, Cheryl

  4. i'm so excited for you to be taking a class with carla...her work is amazing! can't wait to see what you create!!

  5. Hey, Miss Lola - are you the Lola who loves Grey Gardens?

    I will be at the vendor night and at a class on Sunday. Want to have dinner before the big spending frenzy?

  6. Verna,
    I am so sorry I missed the big day, your first anniversary -- a belated congratulations! And going to Art and Soul --- my oh my. I went to my first Art and Soul in Portland about 5-6 years ago. I was one of the last ones accepted to sell at Vendor's night; had a table set up outside the main perimeters. One of the best spots in the house, if you ask me. I did well that night. Sold about $,1000 of ephemera in less than 3 hours. Art and Soul sure has grown since then. You will have so much fun. I'm jealous:) but happy for you at the same time!