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Friday, February 5, 2010

Little Girl - Friday's freebie

I have a drawer filled with old photographs. Sadly, most of them, like today's little girl, have no info on the back to identify the subject. Someone went to a lot of trouble to iron, starch and shape that hair bow on this little cutie. I decided I would name her Mary Grace. I think she would be lovely to use in an altered art piece. (Remember the free means NO sales blah blah blah....)


  1. Verna, I keep wanting to do a series called "Good Bows Gone Bad." The French have a style, I believe it's Alsacean, where the bow is humongous and black. Beaucoup de starch!

  2. Hi Verna. Thanks for your weekly freebie, great that you offered so many wonderful freebies, great to use. On my blog you find some freebies too.