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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sometimes, I just don't know what to think about things . . .

Life just isn't fair sometimes.

Years ago, when my daughter was born, she had such a hard and challenging life ahead of her.  And, as her family, so did we.

Our son's little friend and his family were a great source of help to us during those first few years.  They were there for us when we needed help, and they took our little guy into their hearts and home when we were in the hospitals for months at a time.

Now, the boys have grown into men.  The little friend is now a dad of two.  One of his little ones is now facing so many challenges in life.

I just finished reading an update on his little boy's latest surgery and I was taken back 26 years ago to my own experiences with hospitals and fragile little babies.  The pain, the sadness, the fear.  It breaks my heart that this young man is now going through these same things now with his own child.

Sometimes, life isn't fair.

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