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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

X-tree-m words

The letter X  - always a challenge to come up with some thing.

If you play Sscrabble, Boggle  or Words with Friends you certainly know the frustration of having to use the letter X in your game.

Thankfully, using the words in your game play does not require you to use them accurately in a sentence.  Especially when you see words that lend themselves to be made 'pun' of!

Here are a few X words that I laughed about.

xylography art of engraving on wood -

  Really? Have you ever met anyone who introduced themselves "Hi, I'm a Xylographist?

xylology study of wood  -
    What are you majoring in?
      I'm majoring in Wood.

xylomancy - divination by examining wood found in one's path

 Ummm....Here, I am thinking - don't go out after a bad storm.  The wood, branches, limbs of trees in your path are warning you to be careful....OH! Bonk!  (You fall on the path amidst the leaves, branches  and limbs after being conked on the head by a piece of falling tree. ) Wow! Maybe there is something to this wood reading after all. . .

xylophagous wood-eating -
 This would explain the taste of some high fiber cereals. They are xylophagous enriched yummy crunchies - kind of like chewing on cardboard or woodchips.

xylophilous - fond of wood; living in or on wood

,  Don't we just call these 'houses'?

xylopolist one who sells wood   -

Truthfully, have you ever seen a sign that says
 " XYLOPOLISTS ' R ' US" - Wood sold here.

xylorimba combination of xylophone and marimba

xylotherapy use of certain sorts of wood in treating disease.
 Sorry, I can't go shopping today.  I have an appointment with my Xylothropist.

xylotomous - wood-cutting; wood-boring   -

 An insult about someone's choice of study (xylology) or eating habits (exlophagous) or maybe choice of living arrangements (xylophious)    OR   a person whose entire life revolves around wood, who talks of nothing but wood and feels the need to share every little splinter of information with you!

Letter X and the wood words have been brought to you by Alphabe-Thursday.  Join us by clicking on the link to the right.  We are getting ready to start all over again very soon.


  1. Fun post, My husband is a woodworker so he would enjoy this post. ;))

  2. Wow! What a lot of Xcellent words for wood!

  3. fun post! I like reading it, though I don't think I could pronounce all those x words. and x is difficult to work with but you've done it very well.

    have a great day.

  4. You did go the Xtra mile for this post!! EXtremely well done!

  5. Ha! funny stuff! From now on, I'm going to say "welcome to my xylophilous..." :)

  6. Great, creative post for *X*!

    Happy Hallowe’en!

  7. X is certainly a hard letter. I think you've covered it quite nicely!

  8. Good stuff here♫ http://lauriekazmierczak.com/xoxo/

  9. I chuckled a few times, couldn't help myself.

  10. Thanks for the Xtra help with language. I learned some new words today!


  11. A Xylopolist must get eXtremely board when he visits the blacksmith...

    Xylography could be eXciting though!

    Thanks for linking to the letter "X" - eXcellent job!