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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


S is for sneakers.  A more aptly name shoe I can't think of.  These rubber soled babies don't make a noise when you walk across a floor.  Unless you were one of those kids who liked to scuff your feet across the freshly polished gym floor.  Which made a hideous squeezing sound and usually got you a demerit or at the very least a snarling look from the gym tyrant - I mean teacher.

Converse, PF Flyers, hi tops, whatever you called them, these canvas and rubber shoes were a staple of every young boys wardrobe.      I remember them on Dennis the Menace.  Those little sneakers helped him slip past the snoozing Mr. Wilson every time!  They looked just like these 1950's black hi tops.

Over the years, hi tops started coming in different colors, beside the pre-requisite black or white.
Suddenly, geeky little boy sneakers became cool.  So much so, that they started to appear on the feet of girls too!

In the 1980's my son had red hi tops, yellow hi tops, checkerboard hi tops, peace sign hi tops - but he didn't have black ones or white ones. 

In the 90's my daughter started wearing them too.   She had pink, she had red, she had yellow, she had polka dots - but no black or white ones.

Now, as we move through the new century -2000's - son no longe wears the high tops. He says they don't look too good in size 13!
Daughter though, she has plaid ones, peace signs, red ones, white, black and  graffitti pair. She says anything looks good in size 3!

I never wore hi top sneakers. In fact I hardly ever wear them.  I empathize with my son on that score. Size 10 hi tops (especially big honking white ones) are not a good look on some feet (mine!!)

But, as you can see from the photos the shoe seems to be a survivor.  It comes back into every decade, new colors, wider laces but still essentially the same sweet kicks everyone knows and loves.

So, today's letter S is for hi top canvas sneakers - a style of footwear that lends truth to the old sayings - 

Everything old is new again.

Wait long enough and everything comes back in style.

Trends come and go, but classics are forever.

Did you wear hi tops when you were a kid?  

1950's hi tops

1960's  hi tops

1970's  hi tops

                                                                     1980's hi tops  
                                                                     1990's hi tops

                                                                   2000's hi tops

                                                                        2010 hi tops


  1. No, I never did wear hi tops.
    polka dotted and peace sign and plaid sound fun.
    fun to see all the photos here. The laces got fat in the 80s.

  2. Ha! Those 80s ones look like they've got 80s shoulder pads in the laces!

  3. I never had a pair but always wanted some. They were the must-have shoe in fourth grade. Maybe I'll treat myself to a pair as a grown-up ... bright yellow ones!

  4. i've never worn hi tops, but i wear sneakers all the time in the summer - i like them better than sandals...

  5. Fun post for S ~ love the photo shots ~ carol ^_^

  6. They had 1950's high tops? I was only a little kid then, and here in Australia we followed the English tradition in children's footwear of buckle or lace-up leather shoes (fractionally fitted!) or plastic sandals!
    Maybe the rock 'n roll 'bodgies and widgies' of the day wore them, following the trends from the U.S. but I never got close enough to look!

  7. our sneakers are called Plimsolls and I used to be the kid that would scrape them on the floor during pe

  8. Never wore them of thought about them either until this fun post!

  9. I love sneakers, well, I love all shoes to be honest. Recently I got a new sneakers with a wedge. LOVE them!! Being a heel girl, having the wedge in my sneaker makes me feel better.

  10. Used to wear high tops as a child. I currently have a pastel plaid pair my grand daughter bought for me. Love this post.

  11. I didn't to get to wear sneakers much as a child but I do like them, especially the converse ones.

    hope you have a sweet day.

  12. I was never into sporty hi tops but simply because I suffer from a size 10 shoe as well... My daughters like wearing the low top sneakers in many different shades!

    It is fascinating to see the styles come back as the years pass...

    Thanks for linking to the letter "S"!

    Spectacular job!


  13. Great sneaker pics! It is amazing how much the athletic shoes have changed throughout the years. High tops are definitely classics. When our son was 3 years old, he would strain to check out the sneakers...His favorites were Nikes. An example of this was, one day, at church, he was under the pew and spotted a "cool" pair of Nikes and let us know it, by calling out "Hey, cool Nikes!" :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!