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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A doll is a doll is a doll.

If you are female, chances are you had at least one doll in your lifetime.   Some had only the one, sometimes, much loved, sometimes tossed aside for more exciting things - like climbing trees, tag, or hide and seek.

Whether your doll was
  Classic Barbie, of the frizzy bangs and red lips            or   Modern girl Barbie

a tiny one of  jointed bisque

 or a little wild haired troll
 a miniature version of America's little sweetheart
 one of the gang that could be found beneath the Cabbage Patch
a  American Girl  dream come true, a minature replica of herself,
 bits of spare cloth and strings of red yarn turned into  a classic lovey named Anne
the sweet little rascal known as Kewpie

 a classic little baby that wets and cries,

 a almost life sized pal named Patti,

 an original Madame Alexander,
or a Chatty little Cathy who said "I love you!" with a pull of a string,
or paper dolls that you spent hours meticulously cutting out and keeping in shoeboxes,

  or a set of nesting Russian mamas,

I bet you loved that doll with all of your little girl heart.   Although I had more than 9 of these dolls over the course of my childhood I loved a little rubber doll named Jamie, the very best!  She was lost  during a move when I was 4 or 5.  I still remember her and she remains my very favorite childhood toy.

Did you have a favorite doll when you were little?  Are you lucky enough to still have her?


  1. I had a Chrissy and a Baby Tenderlove. They were my favorites.

  2. I had a doll that was not Barbie but similiar. I actually remember cutting her hair very badly & even making outfits. funny that I should still remember it. thanks for the lovely reminder.

    have a sweet day.

  3. What a cute post! I had only barbie and some fake barbies:) and a some trolls!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Scudds x

  4. What memories! I still have my baby doll and a Miss America doll. I also had that Patti doll -- I used to dance with her -- and a Joan Palooka doll from the comic strip! And I spent hours and hours playing with paper dolls!

  5. I forgot all about the trolls! LOL weren't they adorable! :)

  6. I was kind of a tom boy, but I do remember having a doll or two..

  7. I had a habit of destroying dolls. I am a girly-girl now, but as a kid I'd much rather play with dinky cars.

  8. I still have my Vogue Ginny Doll from the 1950's and many of the Vogue Doll clothes and clothes my mom made one Christmas. Over the years I've acquired some Ginny friends and relatives for her to live with and I've set up many scenes using some of the vintage furniture made for Ginny. I love my dolls, but they're mostly packed up right now because I'm having new floors put down. I miss seeing them every day. I have pictures of some of my dolls on my blog.

  9. I had an almost baby-sized doll with a porcelain head and eyes that opened and closed, named Nancy. My Mom told me she threw her out when she moved, but, I found her in her things. I bought he a cradle at a second-hand store and she lies in my den where I can remember playing with her.

  10. My grandmother collects dolls. I still remember the sheer joy of carefully choosing one from her collection to take care of for the afternoon when I was a child. :)

  11. I am not a big doll collector, but when hubby and I went to a garage sale and I was a little, white-haired troll, I had to have him! Beside he was only 25 cents, little did I know that I had a valued Dam brand Troll and we sold him on ebay for 27 dollars! I really would love to find a few more of them!

  12. Sorry I meant to say saw not was!

  13. Loved this entry! My favourite doll was a Rosebud, she was one of a series, I think British made, but could be wrong! But then there was Barbara, and Noddy and Teddy.....

  14. I am having a difficult time remembering my favorite doll from when I was younger...

    It was delightful seeing all the different dolls you shared with us for the letter "D" though.

    Thanks for linking.