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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Y is for Yippee!!!!! Yahoo!!!

Yippee, yahoo! Yes! Y  is for celebration and dancing with delight!

My sweet son, Elliott and the love of his life, the divine Sarah have set a date for their wedding!!

June 14, 2014 is the big day!  Hearing the excitement and happiness in their voices when they share news and updates is like a gift each time they call.

My husband, Artie and I are delighted for the both of them.  Love and best wishes to the both of them and
this fun filled, hectic, exciting, wild ride over the next year as they plan for their big day!


  1. How exciting the year will fly by .My daughter gave me date and we said ages but it arrived so quickly

  2. Wonderful post for Y ~ So filled with love and the young couple look 'in love' ~ Many wonderful and happy wishes to them and hugs to you ^_^

  3. How exciting - best wishes to them both! The time will simply fly ...!

  4. It will certainly be an exciting year with all the plans and parties! Congrats to the happy couple, and to you!

  5. congratulations to the cute couple!

    What a fun year you have ahead...

  6. Yay! Lovely! Congratulations to them.

  7. Always love to hear when somebody's parents love the spouse he/she has chosen...

  8. Congratulations, Ms. B&B. Getting them married off, and even more so into a happy marriage, is really BIG these days.

    My mother told me both times that I was single that I would not find a nice girl in a bar. I don't think she should have worried, I wasn't looking for a mate there.

  9. What JoY!

    A wedding!

    And sweet love!

    And celebrations!

    That picture just made me heart smile!

    Thanks for such a happY link for the letter 'Y'.