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Monday, February 25, 2013

O-O-Olivia the Piglet - Porcine Perfecta!

There are so many wonderful little pigs in children's literature, it could be quite difficult to pick a favorite. There are the 3 Littles, Wilbur the Perfect, Babe -that's some pig!  Not to mention Toot and Puddle who are just so adorable they  frankly ran a very close second. But!  No, all things considered I have to say
Olivia the Porcine Perfecta (in my opinion!) if my first and favorite choice!

Olivia written and illustrated by Ian Falconer is delightful. As are her many other books.

Olivia, being a 6 and 3/4 year old pig - not almost 7, not 6 going on 7, but 6 and 3/4 years - is quite the little whirling, twirling, swirling dervish.  Just ask her Mommy.  She and Olivia have quite a time together.  And, brother Ian, gets dragged along, as does Edwin the cat. But not Perry the dog. (Personally, I think that Perry HIDES when Olivia's little cloven feet hit the floor in the morning!)

Our little Piglet girl is quite the little fashion diva. Her wardrobe is rather extensive.  She is the little prima ballerina. She can go tippietoe-to-toe with Pavalova!  Dare I say it - she could star in Swine Lake!!!   She even saves the circus one day!  She has adventures.  She has opinions.  She has ideas.  She has chops (not of the pork variety, but of the bravery variety!).  Olivia is just about the perfectest little piglet girl I have ever seen.

If you have kiddies at home, maybe they would like to get to know Olivia.  I think she would make them giggle, jiggle and wiggle! Olivia the little Piggle!

Olivia has a tv show, she has lots of little books and she has a great website you can visit!

Today's letter O has been brought to you by Olivia and Ian Falconer for Alphabe-Thursday!  Join us at Jen Matlock's fun bloghop by clicking on the link to the right. 


  1. Oh, we do so love Olivia! She is the bestest little piglet! I didn't realize she had her own website, but I should have known! I'm going to show my granddaughter who loves Olivia too...

  2. I love the Olivia books! I will have to check our her web site!

    What I love even more was that finally I could click through to your blog from your link on Eden Hills blog. Everytime you commented to me in the past your link didn't work and I could not comment back--it may be a Blogger problem?

  3. This little piggy is new to me. How enchanting thank yyou

  4. Olivia's been a favorite of mine for a long time. (How I wish I could draw like that!)

  5. Oliva is a wonderful pig, Ms. BnB. I will try to remember to see if our libary has any of Falconer's works.

    Our granddaughter like Peppa Pig. She is a Brit pig, but then our granddaughter lives in London all is fine. South towards Southampton there is a Peppa Pig Amusement Park. I went there with her and the folks.

  6. My daughter's name is Olivia and I have to agree...Olivia's are pretty..may they be pigs or humans. lol My daughter loves Peppa Pig, too.


  7. I've always thought Olivia was outstanding!

    She is really neat!

    And I love that name, too.

    Thanks for a lOvely link!