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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

T is for TRAV Show

T is for TRAV Show -
that's the Therapeutic Riding Association of Virginia's annual show and competitions for differently abled children and adults.

Suzanne is going to be competing in the dressage portion and participating in other events and activities  to show skills of rider and horse.

Barbara Ford, of Untamed Spirit Therapeutic and Educational Program, and Forward Motion Farm, Virginia Beach VA has been working with Suzanne for the past year. 

Here is a pic of Barbara signing to Suzanne during a lesson. That beautiful horse is Piper, a horse with incredible patience and a sense of humor. Piper will be Suzanne's partner in the competition.

T is also for THANKFUL - which is how we feel about the committment Barbara has given to help Suzanne acheived her goals.

Wish them luck! They worked hard and deserve it!

Alphabe-Thursday is open for anyone to participate. Simply click on the link to the right, and register and join the fun!


  1. best of luck to Suzanne and handsome Piper. our daughter is a trainer here in Illinois, so we are horse fans all.

  2. That sounds like a great program. Good luck to Suzanne!

  3. How wonderful for her to be able to do this competition. Best of luck (and skill) to her!

  4. Best of luck / this looks like so much fun. What young girl does not love horses ....she must be loving this !!!

  5. Dressage is a very demanding discipline! How wonderful? There is a therapy riding center near my home and when I retire, I am planning on volunteering there. I think it would be wonderful fun to work with the children and horses...

  6. I bet they will do a wonderful job.

  7. What a wonderful program! You daughter looks so stately on that gorgeous horse!

  8. What a terrific program!

    Your daughter looks perfectly comfortable and comfortably perfect sitting astride her steed!

    I loved the hope in this post.

    Thank you for sharing it.


  9. very cool..I know several people who are involved in therapy riding programs. I think it's wonderful!

  10. aww..Piper is beautiful!
    Since I've already read your next post I know what happens!