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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

H is for house, Hansel, husbands, Hugh and (sweet)hearts

H is for house, for Hansel, for Hugh, for (sweet)heart.

I love old houses. They have personality. They have character and they have charm. While many of the newest homes are beautifully made and must be quite enjoyable to live in, for me, the old house is the best house. Happily, this is a sentiment shared by my husband, Artie.

Speaking of husbands, this brings me to Hugh (Comestock). On a visit to his sister and brother-in-law in Carmel by the Sea, California way back in 1924, Hugh had the good fortune to meet a lovely young woman named Mayotta Browne. Within a year they were married and settled in Carmel by the Sea. Mayotta was a doll maker who became known for making a line of rag dolls called 'Otsy-Totsies'. So popular were these little dolls that eventually Mayotta needed space just to keep her doll collection and creations. Hugh decided to take on the project of building a home for the Otsy-totsies. The results are the Hansel House, one of many beautiful 'storybook homes' that are in and around Carmel by the Sea. The Hansel House was built for $1400. Other storybook cottages were built for as little as $100. Today, the average price of one of the cottages is $4,000,000.

Hansel House is approximately 300 square feet. You can see read all about Hugh Comstock, the Hansel House's history, and view other exquisite cottages in the area by visiting the blog Once upon a time...tales from Carmel by the Sea at -


Over time, many other storybook cottages have captured me with their beauty, whimsy and history. The Hansel House will always hold a special place in my heart as a favorite because it was the first Comstock house I found on my internet wanderings. It was like a welcoming little haven into a whole world of long ago.

Which of Comstock's houses captures your fancy?

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  1. That is my kind of cottage!! I've been to Carmel and seen some of those magical homes!!

  2. Love the picture of the cottage. So serene!!.. I t really looks like a place out of a storybook.

  3. I visited a little cottage outside of Joplin, MO that was for sale. It looked like it might have been built for little people - was cute, but very functional.

  4. I absolutely love those storybook cottages. I've read several articles and have a book about Carmel by the Sea and their beautiful little houses. This is one of my favorites too.

  5. Now I want to know more about them...what a little fairytale house ! So interesting!

  6. Hello.
    WoW! Quaint cottage. I wouldn't mind a bigger version to live in, but it would be well out of my price range (LOL). Thanks for sharing and visiting.

    Unfold My Heart

  7. O my Gosh! They're all fabulous! Especially love "The Studio" and "The Doll House"! Thanks for sharing!

  8. That's funny. I saw the photo first and thought 'oh, that looks like Carmel'...and sure enough, it was. So many wonderful little cottages tucked away there. I agree...old houses are rich with character and history that no new house, no matter how grand or fancy or whatever, can offer. Loved this post!

  9. That was very interesting - all new to me. I think I like the Honeymoon House best of all. What a lovely group of H's - and Hugh is my brother's name!

  10. I think I have to agree with you that of all the houses on the link, the one you chose is my favorite. The stone chimney is so cool!
    How fascinating!

  11. I would be willing to get rid of lots and lots and lots of my stuff to live in that wonderful little space!

    It is just absolutely magical!

    I'm going to check out the link and drool a bit!

    Although, I guess if I actually lived there I'd have no room for a kleenex box!

    Thanks for linking.

    I loved this.