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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Take a picture Tuesday - The gang

Here is a photo of a little group of kids in front of someone's house.  Do you remember sitting on your grandparents steps outside on a Sunday afternoon? All of the adults were inside, men talking about the crops, the game or someone's new car.  The women..well, honestly, we all know what the women were doing. They were either in the frenzy of last minute prep to get dinner on the table.  Or they were elbow deep in hot soapy water, washing piles of dishes.  Some really inventive work had to go into thinking of something fun to do. Something that would not provoke that dreaded warning "Don't get your good Sunday clothes dirty!". Afterall, what can one do to while away a Sunday afternoon, that would not involve mud?!


  1. I love her work too. Her paintings of children are favorites of mine!

  2. This was the cutest photo! I love all the expressions!