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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Take A Picture Tuesday!

I have joined the Alphabe-Thursday group sponsored by Jenny Matlock and am thoroughly enjoying it.  Because it requires a bit more time for me to get my submissions ready, I have decided to move the weekly photo to Tuesdays. 

Starting this week, Take A Picture Tuesdays will feature a photo, either vintage or antique, that can be used in your art work, journaling or whatever.  My only request is that the images not be taken to be incorporated into a image collection for sale.  These photos are offered for use freely by all and should not be sold as is.  Using them in your artwork for sale is fine, but don't sell the images to others as is.  Pretty much, if you did not take the photo and change or enhance it in some way that is not your original work, don't sell something that is already free. (This is known as the BlahBlahBlah terms on this site.)

That being said -

I found this photo at the craft sale at Art and Soul.  It is really just a nice little vintage photo of two young women.  What I liked about the photo was the differences in the two girls.  One seems to be a sweet little thing and the other is just quite sure of herself.  Both of them are wearing a dress style that I just love.  I know that it is old fashioned and not at all in style, but, still I think it is a great dress.  Ironed with great care, not a wrinkle in sight, these dresses are probably made of cotton, they just look so crisp and fresh looking.  Also, I love the shoes.  I guess, since they are white shoes, it must be after Memorial Day! (Remember that old saying - White shoes from Memorial Day to Labor Day only?)

I think this photo could be used for journaling, or for a sister, or friends themed piece.  Have fun with it.

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