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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Take a Picture Tuesday is here !

Well, isn't this just the sweetest little thing?  I am not sure where to look first, the dress, the necklace, those spiffy little stockings or the shiny little shoes with the big bows or speaking of bows that wonderful one atop her little head!
Why anyone would go to all of this work to get this little sweetheart ready for her photograph and then write nothing on the back of the photo is beyond me. 

Since there is no info, I am going to name her.  In honor of Take A Picture Tuesday, hence forth she will be known as Tuesday Rose.  Tuesday is going to become the official Bird Bee Bloom girl.  She will appear in future posts to announce special events and news. 

Enjoy the start of beautiful weather.  Everything seems to be in bloom around here.  I took my Maggie poodle for a walk the other day across a big field filled with clover and yellow buttercups.  By the time we got home, Maggie, who had just been groomed the day before had 4 yellow stockings going up her legs. The pollen from the flowers had stuck to her paws and up her legs. What a mess.  Oh well, so much for the grooming. 


  1. omg - she is adorable! love her.
    it IS wonderful that everything is blooming! i love to hear the birds chirping and see the colors of the flowers. hope you are doing well!