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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Letter Z - Careful! It may bite!

This round of Alphabe-Thursday ends with the letter Z. Z....so many possibilities....but, there is one Z word that I have a particular pet-peeve about and I am going to go for it -

Zombie. What is with the zombie craze? Zombies seem to be quite the thing now, just as vampires were all the rage for several years . But! And, this is a big but - I draw the line at zombies. They have pieces of themselves falling off, who is supposed to run around picking up these bits and pieces? I am pretty sure Zombies must smell, thoughts of their dental hygiene give me the shivers. Yuck. There is not enough Listerine in the world!

Yet, there are zombie comics, zombie survival guides, zombie novels . Oh Jeez! Even Elizabeth Bennett and her sisters are not safe from them. There is actually a book titled Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I kid you not. Zombies are roaming around the village, crashing the house parties. The Bennett girls must resort to ancient defensive arts to fight off the rampaging rotters. Jane Austen is not amused I am sure. (And, neither am I. Do NOT mess with Mr. Darcy. Period.)

The Vampire craze I could understand. From the opening strains of the theme song for HBO's TRUE BLOOD, I was hooked. Bill Compton, what can I say? He could have a little nibble of my neck. (Take note, his dental hygiene is excellent, his fangs are beautifully cared for, shiny and white, not a cavity in sight.) I understand there is an absolute cult following for The Twilight Saga vampire storyline. I tried to read it, but glittery young boys shining in the sunlight do not a vampire make as far as I am concerned. However, Vampires can have some glamour or mystique about them.

But Zombies??? No, not a thing about them is attractive or desirable. They don't have any clever conversation skills, just grunts and groans, their table manners are terrible, very messy eaters and again, those fallen bits and pieces - they clog up my Hoover.

In conclusion, I will leave you with this tip for surviving a confrontation with a Zombie. Try to run up stairs to a safe place. Zombies can't climb so as long as you have a nice big steep staircase between you and Mr. Z - you won't have to worry about being on his dinner plate.


  1. Thanks for the tips. You never know when an invasion can occur, always be on guard!

  2. The dental issues get to me the most--followed by the odor of rotting flesh. I promise to be very good so the zombies don't get me!!!

  3. What a fun post for the letter Z. I'm not a big fan of Zombies myself.

  4. I don't care for Zombies (as well as not believing in them) . I have enough trouble with human beings!

  5. LOL, this was a good read! It's hard to see why zombies have such a captive audience. I don't care for them at all, and I certainly would run from them. It's good to know they can't climb, but I don't have stairs in my house. However, there is a very tall everygreen in our yard. The only problem is, I can't climb like a monkey. I guess, I'd have to use a ladder to make my great escape, huh? Oh well, this was zinger of a post! =D


  6. Oh this is all helpful! Seriously, I have a few relatives who believe (ha ha! don't they wish!) that Zombies are coming!...and a few are already here!!! Ha ! Ha!

  7. hmmm, what to do...I've been feeling a bit like a zombie lately, but I'm certain my flesh is not falling off...at least not yet!

  8. Ooh zombies! Those are scary! I am happy to have you share these wonderful tips here! Have a great weekend and come visit soon!

  9. I never heard about Zombies not being able to climb. I don't know if I can believe it. I LOVE funny zombie movies. They're great! Zombieland was extremely funny!

  10. Evidently, zombies cannot climb, at least according to The Official Zombie Survival Guide. (An actual book). It is the prequel to World War Z.

  11. Zombies totally creep me out.

    I don't read about them or watch them on movies or TV.

    I'm going to have to have my husband read your zombie tips...I'm a-feared of them!

    Thanks for linking up for this round of A-T!

    I have really loved visiting you and seeing what creative posts you've come up with to share with us!

    Thank you! You are a joy!


    PS. Even if you do write about zombies...

  12. Fun post. I would not much care for seeing zombies; especially since I have no steep stairs to separate us!

  13. Hello.
    I much rather the vampire movies of old with actors like Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee. Zombies are too messy for my liking! LOL
    Fun way to end Rd4. See you for Rd5! Thanks for sharing.

    Moonlight Zephyr

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