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Saturday, April 7, 2012

The tale of the teeth - Alphbabe-Thursday (a few days later)

Teeth.  Something so many of us just sort of take for granted. Brush, brush, brush every morning and night.  Dentist and hopefully no cavities.  Except of course, if there are extenuating circumstances.  My sweetie girl child has had a life long relationship with extenuating circumstances.  Teeth being merely one issue in a long long list of challenges.  After many years of futile attempts to preserve those little choppers, Sweetie girl (now actually Sweetie young lady) made the big decision to go the only route that would resolve all of these problems. 

Two years in the planning and coordinating, Thursday morning she had her entire mouth prepared for full mouth implants.  After many hours in the operating room, surgery was successful in preparing her for a beautiful smile.  After a night in the ICU she returned home yesterday afternoon. Now begins the long road to completion of her plan.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Dr. Ray Lee of  Newport News, VA.  He is a facial and oral surgeon who was blessed with hands of great skill and artistry, and a heart filled with compassion.  Dr. Lee will forever be in our thoughts and prayers for all he has done for the Sweetie Girl.   God is busy with caring for the entire world so sometimes he sends delegates to assist him.  One of those delegates would be Dr. Lee and his blessed hands and skill. 

A long recovery ahead is made somewhat shorter because there is a beautiful smile waiting at the end of this road!


  1. Such a brave lass, beautiful both on the inside & the outside!

  2. I sincerely hope that the road to recovery is quick and easy and that her new smile makes it all worthwhile.

  3. Smiles are important so here's to her recovery & a beautiful outcome& to an excellent person that made it possible:-)

  4. Thank you all for your kind thoughts!

  5. Wishing your sweetie girl a quick recovery. Teeth are something we take for granted until we have a toothache. Smiles to you both.

  6. DH underwent one tooth implant. I can't imagine your daughter having her entire mouth done this way. My prayers go out to her! I know she'll have a beautiful smile once it's all done, though.

  7. Oh my heavens. A full mouth of implants. Gosh. What a brave, terrific little trooper you have!

    Sending a gentle hug and some powerful prayers your way.

    I can't even imagine how difficult this must be for Mom!

    Thank you for sharing her bravery. Gosh. Some people just keep smiling no matter what.

    Hugs and A+