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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today is Thursday! Alphabe-Thursday that is!

Today's letter, S, is brought to you by scherenschnitte, an old Swiss/German folk art .

As a child I loved paperdolls. I had shoeboxes filled with them.  Even as a young girl I wielded a pretty mean scissors - only pristine cutting would due for my little precious paper babies. 

Paper has always been a favorite of mine.  Hence my forays into atc cards, collage work, etc.   One art form I have always admired but have never been able to master is scherenschnitte.  My attempts are rudimentary at best.  (One winter I did decide to decorate my windos with snowflakes - 300 uniquely shaped flakes later I had a pretty spectacular holiday display - so much so, Mother Nature decided to make sure that I still knew who was boss. That winter we had more snow in the southern Va area than anyone remembered in a long time!)

Here is a link to a site that I think has some lovely work, and the artist, Cindy Ferguson  generously shared many of the patterns for us to try for ourselves.  She also has links to other paper cutting artist's work that will knock your socks off.  The adorable little squirrel header up there is her creation for her blog. So, go, look around, maybe even download a patter and start snizztersncizzler - oh, for goodness sakes! Start cutting!



  1. What careful cuts you have to be able to make! What patience it must take!

  2. I'm afraid that I didn't get any artistic ability at all, but I do admire the work of other more talented folks!

  3. My german grandfather used to make me elaborate paper dolls and send them to me in the most loving little letters. Thanks for reminding me of those days.

  4. I've always have had trouble cutting circles. I'll have to go by and see what Cindy is up to! {:-D

  5. I took a class in this once.

    Or should I say I failed a class in this once.

    My hands aren't steady enough to cut with this intricacy...but I am always enchanted by how superb these pictures look when they are done.

    I have a great antique paper cutting...if I could find it after the move I'd share a picture of it...it's really lovely.

    Thanks for a splendid link for the letter S.