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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Q is for quilt, an Alphabe-thursday offering . . .

Q is for quilt, crazy being my favorite. Every crazy quilt has meaning behind it. From the simple quilt made of favorite bits and pieces of clothes, to the quilts that have flowers and animals, initials and fancy embroidery stitches, all which symbolize different ideas and meanings.

The Alphabe-Thursday group is like a crazy quilt, in blog form. Each blog reveals much about it's owner. Some are very fancy, detail oriented and complex. Others are simple and feature interest in one or two areas. Some blog eveyday, some once a week, some once in a while. Each, though, is a lovely piece of work, just like a crazy quilt.

To read more about crazy quilts you can visit -

Nebraska Gone Crazy! Crazy Quilts from Nebraska Museums


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  1. I LOVE crazy quilts. I tried to piece something like that, and it was just such a mess!! I gave up after the first 4 pieces!! I'd love to learn though. You are right...we are all like crazy quilt pieces! :)

  2. Good reference to the group being like a crazy quilt.

  3. What an awesome analogy! We are kind of a crazy, disjointed bunch who get together and make art!

    love it!

  4. Crazy quilts are my favorite. This one looks like it took tons of work, but I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have always been intriqued and enchanted with crazy quilts.

    I love the idea that contributors to A-T are like a crazy quilt!

    What a lovely post!

    Thanks for sharing it.


    And PS. I love the cabbage roses in your background. Just delicious!