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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Art and Soul!

Art and Soul is right around the corner from me!!  I was so excited to learn this delicious bit of information.  A ten minute drive and I was there!!!  Vendor's Night! Table and tables, booths stuffed to the rafters with ephemera, stamps, old photos (I got 10!), jewelry making supplies, altered arts bits and pieces, steam punk doo-dads,  original art and my favorite -  Sally Jean and her jewelry!

If you have not seen Sally Jean's gorgeous jewelry charms, you can visit her site at sallyjean.com - there you will find something for just about everyone you know. The charms come in all shapes and sizes.  I found a perfectly BEE-utiful charm!  Chatting with Sally Jean for a few minutes will give you insight into the delightful pieces she creates.  She is a lovely young woman who truly enjoy meeting students and fans of her work. 

While you stand on line to pay for your bits and bobbles at each booth you strike up conversations with those around you.  It is fun to see and hear what others plan to do with their purchases.  The scope of talent is just awe-inspiring.  Kacy! I am gathering up  the photos we discussed and will be sending copies out to you shortly.

Having been otherwise occupied the past few months with doctors, hospitals, rehab centers and the like, Art and Soul slipped my mind this year.  So, it was a pleasant surprise to find that Saturday night rolled around just in time for me to meet up with friends for dinner and running around the booths of all the artists and vendors at Art and Soul!  It is like having a burst of inspiration again!


  1. one of these days i just HAVE to get there! sounds like you had an amazing time!!

  2. Actually, Miss Roc, YOU could be one of the instructors there. You have so much talent!!!