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Friday, September 9, 2011

Kids and dogs...

If I come across a photo of children and dogs, I am hard pressed to pass it up. Kids and dogs pretty much sum up my idea of the perfect picture. I got this photo in a 'lot' purchase I made because I wanted another picture in the group. (That one is not posted yet.) Anyway, this picture made me laugh a little. Obviously, some one was an avid dog lover.
Here, 4 little adorable children are posing for the camera with the glaring sun in their eyes. Three shade their eyes from the bright light and one looks downward towards the dog. Oh! Wait, now I see- the dog seems to be main attraction in this little group. The three other children are sort of squeezed in on the side. Check out the only notation on the back of the photo -

I guess young Bob should just be happy he was even mentioned!



  1. Hi there, enjoyed reading your blog and seeing these adorable vintage photos! Found you through "FrenchKissed". Love all the thought you put behind each photo trying to put the pieces together (when there really isn't any!) I'm trying to do that myself with a stash of old photos I inherited. Some have writing on them...some don't. (and no one to ask) I wish I had paid better attention to my grandparents when I was little. Anyways, just thought I'd say "hi".
    p.s. do you know sign language? (saw the ASL sign you have at the end)