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Saturday, June 11, 2011

....sorry, a little late this week!

At 10 am the temp was almost 97 degrees. Big kisses and standing ovations to the man who invented AC. I am forever in his debt. Even Maggie Poodle was happy to stand at the doorway and look out at the squirrels from the comfort of the cooled house. Instead of barking 'get out of my yard' she seemed to be snickering 'neener neener neener, sweat your little squirrle butts off out there!'

I spend the larger part of the early morning making sure that my plants were ready to brave the day ahead. Checking the water level in the fish pond and doing any ugly task (like clothes in the dryer or spraying again for the unkillable poison ivy) being finished pretty quick.

This pretty much explains why Friday's freebie has turned into Saturday's sweetie!

This little guy is adorable. He does notseem to feel too adorable though. Not sure if he did not like being plonked down in the middle of the weeds, or if his little white suit put lie to the idea that white is cooler in the sun. Al I do know is he seems less than thrilled to be having his photo taken. No identifying info on the back of photo. The only info is the photo was taken in Rio NY.

Oh no! I just had a terrible idea - what would happen if poison ivy and kudzu were crossed? Shades of one of thos old 1950's B rated monster movies (love em!) Killer Kudzu, And, now of course, I had an even worse realization. If I refer to 1950 B rated monster movies as "old", then, that must mean.....I am old.....aaaaah!!!!!

(ominous music reaches a crescendo....and fade to black.....)

- the end -

or is it?

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