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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Somerset Studio magazines -

Okay, so, as I mentioned in an earlier post - I did NOT get the flame thrower for Christmas. So, here I am, week 2 of January and in need of a decision about the massive accumulation of stuff that I have gathered over the past few years. There are items that I am tossing away, with only small whimpers (usually drowned out by my husband's shrieks of joy) but there are some things that I will not toss out. So, to that my darling husband I say 'plllllbbbbb' (apply raspberry sound here). I am hoping to find new homes for some of them.

I have, literally, years and years of Somerset Studio magazines of various types. Some of them are rather old, BUT, all of them are in PERFECT, pristine condition. There are no missing pages, or marks of any kind on any of the pages. Is anyone interested in trading for one, two, 10 or all of them? If so, you can leave me a note here in the comments section, or you can email at birdbeeandbloom@yahoo.com.

I am interested in swapping magazines for ATCs, postcards, either art or vintage, old photos,collage sheets, etc. Or if by any chance anyone has old PERFECT copies of Mary Englebreit's Home Companion magaine, I would trade for that also.

Oh, I think I hear 'him' kind of whimpering something about 'not in, out, out, not in....'


  1. Hello, Verna! Andrea at Art Legacy was talking about you and I've been meanign to stop by anyway, but her prompt sent me scurrying. This is a great idea you have. I'm like you, don't need any more things, but if I can remember it (!!!) I'll pass the word about all your Somerset mags. I know those sell pretty good on eBay! Ps LUV your flamethrower comment -- I was belly laughing over that. Sounds like fodder for an ATC Verna Original:)

  2. thank you miss trish!! i really would love the flame thrower and best of all even the husband is starting to think it is a good idea.

    thanks for the blurb about the magazines. they are so beautiful i just cant throw them away.