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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

New Year equals resolutions - a basic, well known equation.

Resolutions tend to go out the window around the same time the foresty fresh scent has left the building along with the needle-less tree. You will be stepping on those little snarky dried up needles for weeks, months to come - every time you grab your foot and hop around you'll have a quick little jab of guilt about those forgotten resolutions.

This year my resolution is simple - No more resolutions. Instead, I will try to look at my failure to comply in a more positive light.

No more feeling guilty for not exercising more or not keeping my house in perfect order. I will view the hopping around with the dried up needle in my foot as my exercise for the day. Also as having done the vacuuming for the day - and BONUS! Doing the vacuuming without benefit of electricity thereby also saving energy. It could almost be called The Trifecta of Resolution Resolution!!!

Jeez! I feel kind of giddy, tingly even. 6 and 1/2 hours into the brand new year and I already have this whole resolution thing under control.....oh, wait, that tingly feeling is the hole in my foot where the pine needle jabbed me. Well, I guess I better go find a band aid, that is, if I can remember where I put them . . .


  1. you make me laugh! i'm with you......NO resolutions. i'm just happy to be me and enjoy where i am at any given moment. i'm looking forward to our year together! happy new year!

  2. Amen! No resolutions!! Blessed New Year!!!

  3. Hi Verna, thankyou so much, my prize print arrived the other day, its lovely, I am going to frame it :)
    Have a wonderful NewYear !
    Hugs Karen x

  4. I TOTALLY agree with the no resolutions policy! I have also decided to stop feeling guilty about stupid stuff, and am going to enjoy more of the good things that are happening every day around me, if only I take the time to notice them! Thanks for making me laugh!


  5. I agree too! But, I did make some goals yesterday - purely coincidental that is at the start of a new year. I just really need to get out of a rut. Sometimes the things going on around me, maybe something my kids are going through or a friend is dealing with, kind of wake me up out of a spell of apathy. I need to be more on my game, especially to show my kids how this life thing can be done and dealt with. Other than that, I am all over your guilt free ideas too! You go girl! I'm right behind ya!