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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday's freebie is topped off with a bow!

This beautifully dressed little girl comes from the Washington DC area, there are no other identifying marks on the RPPC. I just love the little rosette garters on her stockings. The bow in her hair is like a perfect finishing touch on a lovely little outfit. Great chair also. This must have been a treasured photo to someone, because it is in perfect condition, obviously having been well cared for over the years.

This second photo is of a group of children, the only identifying notes on the back of this RPPC are 'Guess who this is' written in the note section, and 'Sarah Green' written in the address section. I always like to scan these group photos, because when they are enlarged there are usually some interesting little details that are missed in the smaller image of the original. I am kind of wondering if that little girl in the back row, to the left, borrowed that bow from our little girl above!!

Hope you enjoy these. And, as always, the Bla Bla Bla rules apply.


  1. great photos! how are you doing verna? i miss you! fill me in when you have some free time!

  2. Hi Verna! Just sent you an email. It's always fun to come see your fabulous vintage photo finds! And, look at all you have to show us. Hope you are well. Was thinking of you hard today!