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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Friday's freebie - The Boys

Little girls in those gorgeous white dresses and big hair bows, tiny babies in magnificent white baptism gowns and little boys dressed in white are such favorites of mine. I always wonder how those babies and those little boys stayed so clean, or at least stayed clean long enough to pose for a photo! But! There is another kind of photo that I really enjoy too - it is little boys in overalls. Just regular little kids stopping long enough to take a photo.

I especially like this photo because I adore the haircut on the older boy! (And, check out that ornamentation on the chair. It looks like a lion or dragon sitting on the corner of the chairback. I haven't seen one like this before.)

Anyway, hope you enjoy this photo. Nothing written on the back, so I don't know who these two darling boys are.


  1. Superb photo! I love the way the littlest boy is reaching up to his ear, looking so sweet and shy. I've had a couple pair of favorite overalls in my adult years. Not just for kids:)