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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Who has been French Kissed?

Okay, okay, admit it - you had to click onto this post to see what this is all about.....French Kissed is the awesome graphics site of fellow blogger and postcard expert par excellence - Trisha Jacobs. A gift certificate to French Kissed, Trisha's vintage/antique postcard shop is the third prize in the BBB Holiday Lollapalooza.....and the winner is......

True Random Number Generator

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Number 130 is Plaisanter!!!

Contact me so I can give you the details on how to access your certificate -

Congratulations! And, enjoy viisting Trisha's shops. They are simply - FABU!!!


  1. Oh yippee! plaisanter is me! Thank you Verna! Thank you True Random Number Generator I'm feeling a French Kiss coming my way.

    Verna- You can contact me : ellis at onlinenw dot com

  2. Hi there, I sent you and Trish an email to get the process rolling for the fun part of picking your images!!! Congratulations and thank you for following BBB during the past year