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Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday's here! Photo must be too!

Here are two photos that were glued together for some reason - back to back - so all information is lost. Why would someone glue photos together? I haven't a clue. Sweet little boy and a lady who seems to be very pleased (with her dress, maybe?). Anyway, enjoy.

The bla bla bla applies, as usual.

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  1. Why WOULD someone glue 2 photos together? Could they have been related? I do a lot of family geneology, and I'm always surprised by the silly things I find--valuable pictures torn in half, pictures marked with an "x", people x'd out of photos, beautiful portraits all grimy and dirty from being handled and/or improperly stored, etc. Wish I could go back in time and ask them what was going on . . .

    kathy.bruner at hotmail dot com

  2. Oh, that glued backing and ex-ing out people - very annoying (especially for nosey people like me - because then I want to know WHY they person got XXXX'd!)

  3. Great looking blog Verna! I am off to the flea to find some of these great pics....hopefully not glued together! Going to add you to my blog roll, don't know why I haven't!