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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday's freebie - Friday's freebie!

Today, I am posting two photos because while I think the one of the little girl is just adorable, I am not too pleased with the quality of the image. But, I amsure there are some artists who will be able to clean it up to use. The other is an image of a lady that I think is just great. I love her hair. And, just like I adore children in white (standing on chairs!) I am a pushover for beautiful old clothes. I am always amazed at how these clothes were so beautifully made and cared for. Can you imagine ironing that dress? (Yes, I still iron clothes too.) Sadly, neither photo has any identifying marks on them. In fact, the lady is actually glued to an old paper and has another photo glued on the other side. The child has just a blank back. So, my nosey fix for the week has not been quenched. Enjoy!

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