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Friday, August 20, 2010

Two Ladies - Friday freebie

Two ladies, dressed in floral summer dresses and hats posed for this photo on August 26, 1921. There are no other identifying marks or info on the card. I really like the resort background and the lounge chair in the photo. Maybe, given the date, they were on holiday at a beach area and had their photo taken?

Yesterday, the mailman brought me a box filled with old photos. I won an auction on Ebay for 146 photos. When the photos arrived they were in three old photo albums. Two of them are still in excellent condition. If anyone wants the albums to use in their altered art work just drop me a line, you are very welcomed to have them. I only keep the photos. Which brings me to the reason for mentioning them in the first place - please, if you have photos, make a note on the back of them, when and who at the very least. There are photos of one person throughout the albums and it is really something to see her going from childhood to adulthood. Her name is Devota. But, I have no idea where the photos come from. They start in the early 1920's. Wait until you see Devota's clothes. One extremely sharp-dresser! I will start to post the photos over the next few weeks.

Summer is almost over! Which means Fall is on the way. My favorite time of year! Looking forward to the change of season. Time for the heat and rain to go!

Enjoy the weekend!

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